X-Men: First Class. The “pre-review”…

If  a movie makes you leave a theatre feeling like crap for being human and average, and wishing you were born with some sort of genetic mutation, then it has GOT to be good. This movie has blown me away,  not only because it was well-made, but because it continuously underlines the importance and beauty of being different (to me, anyway) and I’ve loved the comic book and cartoons since I was child and always look forward to every X-men film.

Aside from the genius combination of historical facts with fantasy which you don’t see in any other Marvel film, the movie is enjoyable even to those who don’t religiously follow the X-Men cycle; it’s catchy, inspiring, entertaining, moving and without a doubt creative. Aside from the fact that it has an amazing combination of actors who look good to a jaw-dropping, blood-freezing, mind-blowing extent. Go see it!

On a more serious note.

The movie explores the ideas of war, trauma, conflict, self-loathing and the problematic, shattered nature of man in a way no science ever will. Magneto’s personal experiences take him to a point where he does not feel connected to mankind, where revenge is the only option because forgiveness was no longer a means to contentment. This is the only movie where I feel completely sympathetic and understanding and almost supportive of everything the antagonist feels and does. Professor X’s experiences were different, and so he believed in mankind, believed that forgiveness was a solution, the only solution for that matter. Professor X and Magneto represent the two extremes of human nature, we all fluctuate between one and the other; one being the defensive, experience-struck, unforgiving and the other being the compassionate, understanding one.  I strongly recommend reading the comic book to see the way medium can impact the story-telling technique. Both the comic book and movie are worth reading/seeing.

Marwa Siam-Abdou

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