“A toast, Jedediah…”

I get small but divine reminders every now and then. I often get them in the form of wake-up calls and occasionally in the form of an animated light bulb moment. I must admit though that the most unforgettable reminders are the  nicely worded, date-stamped and signed ones ending with the stalest “we wish you all the best with your future endeavours.”

Yes. Stale as hell. I do need these kick-in-the-face type of reminders.

At times like these  I am reminded to knock my ego back in place, somewhere in between ‘humbleness’ and ‘confidence’ and as far away from ‘arrogance’ as possible. I get a little carried away when I start to think that I’m too good for reality.

In any other year and if I was any younger I would have taken it to heart – felt a little more insignificant and lot less capable.

Not this year. And definitely not me, not anymore.

Sh*t happens and these two seemingly worthless words couldn’t ring any more true. Big girls try endlessly. I’m 25, and this is not the year of mourning.

Screw anything and everything that tries to step over my emotional stability, I’m the luckiest 25-year-old out there, and I’m serious.

Here’s to trying beyond obstacles and fancy rejections, here’s to what I can  do, and what I will do, whether the big guys say so or not.

I do a little trick I call the Ego-librium; whenever I get a rejection letter I put it up on my cork-board so that I wake up to it to remember that I haven’t tried enough, though I’m not the type that needs a visual reminder at all. I rarely forget.


“I can remember everything. That’s my curse, young man. It’s the greatest curse that’s ever been inflicted on the human race: memory.” – Jedediah Leland, CK (1946).

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