Geraldo Rivera: ‘at Large’ a Goof

If anyone had doubts that the Trayvon Martin shootings were race-related, Geraldo Rivera has definitely removed themIn fact, he’s made it clear that being of a specific race is not to ever be mixed with hoodies:

“I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly not to let their children go out wearing hoodies. I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin‘s death as much as George Zimmerman was,” 

I think his being an idiot is more provocative than any hoodie on any human being anywhere, and I hope it’ll be responsible for his getting fired.

Geraldo:  if you suffer from a shortage of intelligent questions (which I now know is the case), then don’t speak. You’re doing journalism a lot of harm.

I can’t tell you what the cause of the incident is, but I feel like the important questions are being put aside.

Why was George Zimmerman, a man with a hefty background of offences, allowed to enrol in a law-enforcement course? Why is this man patrolling a neighbourhood (as a volunteer) armed? Why is a man with a record of attacks on his ex-fiancée allowed to buy a gun at all? The law has set standards for the eligibility of  the person purchasing the weapon, so he shouldn’t have been allowed to buy a gun (if it was legally purchased).

Let’s shift away from the mediocre blame-the-victim practices, and consider asking the right questions. Questioning the role of race is justified, questioning the combination of race and a clothing item is incompetent.

The embarrassing and incredibly simplistic ‘Rivera approach’ to solving problems seems to overlook everything that motivated the act, and solely focus on the likelihood of the victim inviting his own murder. Rivera would rather conclude that someone earned their death than realize that a shooting of an unarmed teenager by an armed man is an inarguable case of murder – and I mean one killer and one victim, and nothing else.

Does the man carrying a gun and disobeying the orders of the 911 dispatcher not contribute to this crime in any way?

A hoodie, Geraldo?

Right…the next time someone’s picking their fall outfits during a ‘back to school’ sale, it’s important that they assess their race first. Hoodies are only acceptable on the non-black, non-Latino front…makes sense.

Geraldo Rivera’s moronic statement will do the hoodie business a huge favour. I think all parents, especially those of black and Latino youngsters, should go out and buy their kids hoodies with a bolded and underlined “Gerlado Rivera is a clown” on them, maybe this can provoke termination of his employment.

I  also urge all news stations to question their conscience before letting uneducated, backward idiots ever speak on their stations again, particularly 68-year-old ones with the  first name Geraldo.

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