Interview with Abdul Snobar

I’ve recently had the chance to interview Abdul Snobar, manager of undergraduate student relations at Ryerson University. He, along with the members of RIEL commerce, went to Kenya in order to put together a one of a kind project that would help financially benefit the communities in the village of Dago. This interview also helped clarify the misconceptions I personally had about the impacts of commerce on socioeconomic issues.

*Much thanks to the team that helped put this together –Wesley Murray, Ché Pereira and Brian Hastings.

And I will stress that you check out Wesley Murray’s blog, he’s a very gifted writer, producer and editor. I  was privileged to meet him on my first week of Journalism school and a person whom I  had the pleasure to work with for a whole semester. He’s got some major charm as well, and I must admit that his professionalism and maturity are things I look up to, not too many people can can be quiet and hilarious (and awesome) at the same time.

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