About me

I spent many years trying to narrate things and at times in not-so-coherent ways.

At some point in my life – through what seemed like trial-and-error – I discovered enjoyment in something and gave it a name: I’m a cross-platform storyteller.

It could be that no other choice in life worked out for me and so I inevitably ended up here; but I prefer to believe in the magic of self-discovery.

Specifically and professionally speaking: I am a bilingual freelance journalist, a media/comms lead and Toronto-based independent filmmaker and screenwriter. I hold a bachelor of journalism and a masters degree in film and media production. I am nose-deep in the practice of understanding identity; its complexities, its powers and its impact on social patterns. I am also deeply invested in the art of telling stories centered around the BIPOC community.

I love many things, but at the top of my list are boxing, public transit, Toni Morrison, film, Chinua Achebe, Fanon and an excessive dose of Blues.

Storytelling is the pillar of my work. Every story has an audience and almost any idea can be transformed into a visual narrative. My work is to turn a concept into an engaging and meaningful production. I’m fortunate to be able to do work that I like, and capable of saying no to anything that obstructs self-evolution. Somewhere in this journey, I developed a hunger for writing and directing film and it’s now a love that I can’t escape no matter how often I deviate from the craft.

If you’re anywhere in the world and would like to connect, discuss a project or say hi
contact me, don’t be shy.


My employer has zero connection to this blog … zéro.




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