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My short film, Sounds of Seashells


Journalism/news stories


Radio-Canada / en français 


Social research

Towards a future of racial equity, justice and inclusion:
a report on the DGC’s first BIPOC member survey.

This is a project I am extremely proud of.

I lead the development and launch of the first report outlining (both in qualitative and quantitative formats) the experiences of racialized members of the Directors Guild of Canada – one of the first of its kind to be created and published in the canadian film & television industry.

dgc report



For marketing projects, feel free to email me directly.


Social media campaigns


Photoshoot /feature story for World Autism Awareness day 2016.
Role: creative director

(Co-produced/hosted along with Trinh Theresa Do) – 2013

The Global Dialogue – episode 1
The Global Dialogue – episode 2

Other Stories



  • My sister and I speaking about our experiences as immigrants and siblings of a brother on the spectrum, part of Radio-Canada Ottawa’s podcast segment Cosmopolite et Métissé (episode 3)

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